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Goblin.png Welcome to the Official Goblin Harvest - The Mighty Quest Wiki Goblin.png

Windows PC version now available! iPad version to follow

(Very) Quick Start

Don't have time to watch the half hour "Quick Start" Tutorial? Read this!

  • The Adventure/Quest screen is where you control the King's Champion.
  • Move around and interact with the environment by clicking on highlighted words.
  • READ the text! :)
  • The Strategy/Map screen is where you play the part of the Old King, directing your Armies to hold back the invading Goblin Hordes.
  • Move Armies by first selecting them, then clicking on the arrows in adjacent squares.
  • Armies may only move according to the cards in your hand (green arrow).
  • Scouts are wild cards (orange arrow).
  • Armies can always move freely into Towns (blue arrow).
  • Use as many cards as your hand size to get a free move (red arrow).
  • Diagonal movement is not allowed.
  • Destroy Goblin units by moving onto the same square.
  • Goblins always move down the map unless they're on the same row as an unconquered Town or the Citadel, in which case they'll move towards it, nearest first.
  • If the Goblins destroy a Town, a new wave of Goblins appears at the top of the map.
  • End your turn by clicking "Make Camp".
  • There's lots of information in the cut-down Elvipedia, bottom left of the Adventure screen.
Mighty Tweets

Shuffling the Deck

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